About Us

The Chitter Express​​ (TCE)​​ is a​​ digital media Company offering​​ news, views​​ and reviews​​ through its​​ online multilingual​​ magazine.

It provides critically assessed news from around the world in a strict matter of fact tone meant to​​ apprise readers of the entire event in an unbiased manner.

It also provides sports news with complete background and coverage of the ongoing sporting events with a​​ focus​​ on Cricket.

The magazine focuses on highlighting social and political issues in a manner in which people can easily relate to them. In its featured section "The Unchained Duck", it presents a satirical take on keys issues from around the globe.


TCE, through its services division, provides content management, language and Investment banking services.

Owing to its strong focus on quality, TCE is one of the fastest growing services company in the fields of Translation, Interpretation, Content management and freelance Investment Banking projects.


Please write to us to know more about​​ our​​ services and get quotations for projects.​​ 

Contact details:​​ thechitterexpress@gochitter.com

Phone: 91-9013505247/91-9818093714