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SPAC and Venture Capital Ecosystem

SPAC – Complimenting the VC Universe

In addition to an intriguing interplay of factors including (1) speed to market, (2) widening gap between the public-private valuation, (3) exits based on future projections, (3) and younger and riskier firms going public amid seemingly unbridled retail investor enthusiasm, the SPAC’s sponsor economies is motivating institutional investors of all kinds to come out with their own SPACs.

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VC Investing Refuses to go into Lockdown

The pandemic hit year was expected to derail the vibrant tech startup ecosystem. However, tech space seems to have survived the period and as economy looks to get back on rails, the startups are rebounding much faster than they themselves expected.



A Sustainable Trend or a Stopgap Phenomenon The telemedicine sector has been steadily gaining momentum over the last few years,...